About Us

About us:
Ross Fraser Footcare Products was founded by Ross Fraser.

Born in Dunblane, Scotland, in 1928, Ross initially trained as a dental technician whilst in Rhodesia in the 50′s. Through his work there he recognised that similar dental techniques could be translated to corrective work with feet and so his interest grew in Chiropody.

By 1956 he was working as a chiropodist in Dundee, Scotland, with a continual fascination for inventing new techniques such as the nail brace which is now widely recognised and used thoughout Europe.

Other inventions such as his unique foot trays, foot creams, Acrytensil, Sulci injectors and protectors enabled Ross to develop the business and set up a worldwide market for his products in 1979.

Mr Fraser was honoured in Germany and was awarded the Perpetual Award by the Irish Chiropodists Organisation for outstanding contributions to the foot care industry.

He retired in 2002 due to ill health and sadly passed away in March 2011 but his family, in particular  daughter Anne McLeod, have continued the company and it continues to  thrive in Dundee.


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